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Tickled PINK

The world of Yasuno✿Pink-sama

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the world of Yasuno - fancommunity
This is a community dedicated to Yasuno, the drummer of Kra

Please read the rules before joining!!!

Name: Yasuno
Instrument: Drums
Birthday: 4th November 1977
Blood type: Rh+ AB
Height: 183 cm
Favourite color: Red, Pink, Magenta
Tresure: My body?
Ex-band: Ta-rot

Shoxx vol.203 -Nov '09
Fool's Mate (Yasuno & Keiyuu)-Nov '08
Rock and Read vol.21 -Nov '08
KERA! vol.121 (illustration)-Aug'08
Zy. Vol.41 (Artist box)-Jul'08
KERA! vol.120 -Jul'08
Arena 37°C vol.310 -Jul'08
Shoxx vol.174 -Aug'07
Boku to no himitsu 「僕との秘密」
Heart balance 「ハートバランス」
Kono sekai tobidashite 「この世界とびだして」
Namida ame furi ajisai 「涙雨降り紫陽花」
Onigi no uta 「鬼戯ノ唄」

1. You have to like Yasuno (if you don't...why do you join?)
2. Be nice to each other.
3. Post only material about Yasuno, about the whole Kra or about the previous Yasuno's band.
4. You can post whatever you want as long as they are about Yasuno or Kra.
5. If you make a request, put "REQUEST" as title of your entry. When you post requested material, please put it in a separate post, so everyone can see it. Before request anything, please check ARCHIVE LIST
6. The post that include uploads/media files must be "friend locked"! If you post huge scan or more than one pic please use the LJ CUT!!!
7. Remember to comment/thank people for their uploads. Comments motivate people to upload more.
8. Don’t spam. Please make a request only one time.
9. Once you join, tell us something about yourself.
10. I'll reject "fake"journals with no entries, no friends, with nothing in your profile. If you have a journal recently created please leave me a message before joining. I'd like to know who are you ^_^ (Members who joined before 4th March 2008 are the only exception)

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Yasuno's official blog
Yasuno's twitter account
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Here you are some links to buy from overseas ^_^

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50 members ^O^
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